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Facebook is Opposed to Designbook Getting Trademark

Posted on the 29 May 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Facebook opposes trademark of start up Designbook

WPTZ is reporting that Facebook wants to block the trademark of Vermont based Designbook, Facebook seems to think they are the only one’s entitled to use the word book.

From the article:

Designbook is a nearly year-old online community that connects startup businesses with investors and collaborators.

In its quest to protect the name, to thwart any potential imitators or “Designbook 2’s” as Pollak says, the company hit a major roadblock.

Facebook is alleging the name could create confusion in the digital marketplace.

“They basically didn’t want us to have anything to do with an online community, utilizing the suffix ‘book,’” said Pollak.

“You cannot trademark generic terms.

So a term like ‘book,’ that isn’t trademarkable,” said Jared Carter, a lawyer with the Vermont Community Law Center.

Read the full article and watch the newsclip on WPTZ

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