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Facebook iOs App Now Shows More Stories From Pages You Share

Posted on the 24 October 2014 by Shellykramer @ShellyKramer

Facebook iOs App Now Shows More Stories

If you tend to use Facebook on your mobile device more than on the web interface (which most people do), you may have noticed something new when you share a story from pages you like on your timeline.

I was fooling around on Facebook on my device the other day and noticed this, so I thought I would share it

When a user shares a post from a Facebook page, the confirmation screen now displays additional posts and photos from that page as well as similar pages. It even displays a list of your friends who have also liked the page.

iOs Facebook App

Have you noticed this when accessing Facebook on your device? I think it’s pretty interesting. And it’s obviously great news for content marketers and brand page owners:

  • This will allow users to take notice of content they may have missed. It is well known that Facebook users rarely go to the brand pages directly but rather only interact with content that appears in the Newsfeed.
  • It makes it easy for users to share or engage with more content from the particular brand page.  This gives pages the opportunity to prioritize promotion of individual updates or pictures within the suggestion screen making it a relatively seamless option.
  • This will likely increase the reach of pages and help noteworthy content propagate among more users.

It currently appears everything that is displayed is not paid content, although given the number of impressions created by this initiative, it seems like an obvious platform to display sponsored content.

As more and more people access Facebook on their mobile devices, over one billion according to Tech Crunch, Facebook is taking necessary steps to encourage brands to stay on Facebook as well as make it easier for users to access information, entertainment, news and deals from brands and publications they like.

Have you noticed this new feature? Has it caused you to dig deeper into those other stories? What do you think?

Andrew George Burnett

Andrew George Burnett is a designer, developer, UX freak, social media community builder and innovative thinker.  He’s also one of the very most important people in all of Scotland.  For obvious reasons.

photo credit: Janitors via photopin cc

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