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By Desiree68 @pullyoursocksup
Yesterday I watched an interesting episode of Stylelikeu's What's Underneath Project, a series in which interviewees remove layers of clothing while deeply personal questions are posed to them.
Dominique's statement that she could never determine if she was capable of leaving the house unless she was wearing baubles and a boa, rang true for me.
I didn't have anything particularly challenging to achieve that morning, yet I knew I wouldn't be able to get anything done if all my colours matched perfectly, nor if I was wearing griege.
To me, this does certainly not go with that ... no two outfits are ever the same.
If I've been experiencing particularly rapid-cycling mania, which has been happening a lot lately, I need my comforts.
For a quick pick-me-up my comforts are: red lipstick, liquid liner, big earrings, big rings, bangles, scarves, huge headwear, big footwear, hair dye.
If I have more time or I'm worried about blowing a gasket, I have other friends to help me through a rough patch: glitter eyeshadow, masses of necklaces and rings, 1930s nightie-frocks, layered hosiery, and repeat. Twice.
Face the Day
Face the Day
Face the Day
Face the DayMiss Camel Toe did a fine job of helping me through the day.
She's my hero and I love her so much, I don't know what I'll do if she ever runs away.
Face the Day
Face the Day
Face the DayTo quote Rog, "being in your body is a good place to be because it's the only place you can be".
So I guess if person's body and mind are at war with one another, there is no room for fast, faddish fashion... one must find a way to peace.
I found my peace in layering a Japanese haori jacket over leather shorts, my Miss Camel Toe t-shirt and a 1930s scarf-tying experiment.
That was yesterday, today is today and I cannot predict what I need to wear to feed my soul tomorrow.

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