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Fabric Flower

By Curdsnwhey
I wanted to post this before the 4th of July because I think it is the cutest little accessory to any little girl's red, white and blue outfit.  I think it kind of looks like a firework.
Fabric FlowerYou can also make this cute little wristlet with this same tutorial.
Fabric FlowerAren't those the cutest little things?
Items Needed for Bow:
6 squares that are 3x3 inches
Thick thread like embroidering thread
Glue gun
Large jewel
Items Needed for Wristlet:
6 squares that are 2x2 inches
Embroidering thread
Glue gun
Small jewel
First take one square and fold it in half.
Fabric FlowerAnd then in half again.
Fabric FlowerNow turn your square to look like a diamond with the raw edges facing you.
Fabric FlowerNow pinch it together from both sides of the diamond.
Fabric FlowerNext thread it onto your thick thread.
Fabric FlowerDo that to all squares making sure you thread them in the same direction every time, with the front always facing you. Once you have them all on the thread you are going to start cutting the long tail off of them making sure not to cut to close to the thread.
Fabric FlowerNow push them all together and tie the ends of your thread together in a tight knot.
Fabric FlowerFabric FlowerNext clip the thread short and get ready to glue.  Start with the petals that are by the knot and add a little glue from the backside in between the petals.  Go all the way around the flower with the glue and squeeze each petal together.
Fabric FlowerNow add a small circle of felt to the back side.
Fabric FlowerAnd add a jewel to the front side.
Fabric FlowerNow to turn it into a bow glue it to a clip or for the wristlet add it to some ribbon!
Fabric FlowerNow put it on your little one and have a great 4th!!!
Fabric FlowerFabric Flower 
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