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Fab Find Friday: Bvlgari Bling

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

When a new magazine issue hits the stands I think the first thing every woman does when she gets it is look through the advertisements and the fashion spreads. Later we go back to read the articles and break down the trend reports, but the first instinct is to look at all the gorgeous, editorial photos that really draw us in. When I was flipping through my newest Harper’s Bazaar, the Summer fashion issue, I saw an ad that made me do a double take because I totally thought I saw 1928 earrings!

The newest ad campaign for fashion house Bvlgari stars actress Kirsten Dunst and features their new women’s fragrance, Mon Jasmin Noir. Though Dunst looks incredibly photoshopped in the ad, the earrings she has on are have an uncanny resemblance to our Antiquities Couture Rose Gold Garden Party Earrings! There are only two big differences when you compare the earrings in the ad and the earrings we sell.

1.   Our Garden Party earrings dangle with the floral feature at the bottom, while Bvlgari’s have the floral design at the   post.

2.   You can get these Bvlgari earrings for over $1,000 (price upon request) or you can snag some fab florals for $75 from!

Kirsten Dunst Bulgari Jasmin Noir1 216x300Fab Find Friday: Bvlgari Bling
29707 300x300Fab Find Friday: Bvlgari Bling

Rose gold is so on trend this year and we can’t wait to see what our design team comes up with as far as getting new rose gold styles for all of you jewelry gals to wear! Have you purchased any rose gold to wear this season? Let us know what styles and trends you’d like to see us make more of in our weekly poll we post on our Facebook page! Have a fabulous Friday!

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