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Fab Find Friday: Accessories DO Make a Difference!

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

We here at 1928 Jewelry firmly believe that your accessories can make or break an outfit! Accessories are the finishing touch, the “cherry on top” if you will, of your outfit. One of my biggest pet peeves is to see a perfectly adorable dress with NO jewelry! Even if the dress speaks for itself, there is a dainty pair of earrings out there that would have made your eyes sparkle just a little more. Or if you are going with a minimal pant suit, why NOT take the chance to add feminine flair with an all metal statement necklace. It doesn’t have to be outside of your comfort zone or too flashy, but adding bits of jewelry show that you care about your overall look.

And accessories cover much more than just jewelry! Hats, tights, bags, belts and shoes- they ALL make a difference to the garments you put on, whether they change the shape of the dress you have on, add an additional color, or even just make the outfit come together for a different vibe. Case in point: Taylor Swift and Keke Palmer both wore the same Ted Baker dress, but in totally different ways. The stylish singer wore the unique chandelier printed dress with black tights, booties and some simple-chic jewelry. The actress styled the dress with only a nude pair of heels, nothing else. Who do you think rocks this dress better?

taylor vs kekeFab Find Friday: Accessories DO Make a Difference!
If you voted Taylor, we couldn’t agree more! The print of the dress definitely makes it more wintry and casual, so the tights were a perfect addition! Instead of wearing her hair against the busy chandelier pattern, like Keke, Taylor pulled her tresses back so as not to compete. And even though her jewelry is delicate it still manages to pull the whole ensemble together. Keke is such a pretty girl, and we love her shoes, we just wish she had a pair of chandelier earrings to match those chandeliers on the dress!

The options with accessories are always endless. Depending on the colors or features you want to highlight, there are always different roads to take. That is what styling is truly all about. When you see a celebrity walking down the red carpet, just know that there was a very talented stylist that made every decision from hair and makeup to the jewelry to the shoes on her feet, sometimes even the star’s toe nail polish!

We’ve picked out not only one fab find but six that match the chic little drops Ms. Swift wore with her Ted Baker dress. All 1928 styles have the same simple drop silhouette, but the colors and details change it up. Had she worn the Porcelain Rose Pearl Drop Earrings with soft pink and pearl accents, her look would have been much more vintage inspired, and she probably should ditch the tights. But with the Morado Jewel Purple Drop Earrings, Taylor’s look would have been more colorful and edgy!

TAYLOR all earringsFab Find Friday: Accessories DO Make a Difference!

Styles from left to right, top to bottom: 21873, 25231, 26025, 21900, 27776, 26194.

Which earrings would you pair with Taylor Swifts outfit? And do you agree that accessories can make or break an outfit? Have a fabulous Friday!

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