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EYESHonestly Who Doesn't Want These Eyes!! Ignore the Mod...

By Tayloramory
EYESHonestly who doesn't want these eyes!! Ignore the mod...Honestly who doesn't want these eyes!! Ignore the models and the way they present themselves and look at their eye makeup. The only issue is how can girls do this makeup at home? Well first you need a great liner, a good juicy one that isn't running out. Fake lashes aren't good if you already have fabulous eyelashes, so why use those!! Stick to your nature eyelash for this one girls. If your using a juicy black liner maybe go with a lighter eyeshadow, don't go to dark we wanna see your amazing eyes! Bottom liner can be tricky so for this challenge use a pencil. Okay girls now put this challenge to the test and be creative!-TB

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