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Eyes and Sighs

By Saleyourbooks Com
Eyes and Sighs
Straw slipping between those lipsLooking over the rim with those eyesSubtle wiggle of her hipsHer fingers running up the inside of her thighs
Drinking deep and longSucking me in with her beautyTemperature rising; hard and strongSo seductive, the little cutie
As she slid across the seatExposing those perfect thighsLong and deep, did our eyes meetSnuggling against me, letting out sultry sighs
My strong hand found her perfect breastCloser still she movedMy hand slid up her thigh, coming to restAs our bodies grooved
Driving to the motel was a pleasureKissing, touching, driving each other wildMoments like this we will treasureReleasing our spirit, raw, passionate, wild
Standing at the desk, hand under her skirtHer fingers probing and holding my crotchPeering down her open shirtMaking sure no one could watch
The room wasn’t readyWe were too hot to carePassionate and steadyTaking her from behind in the stair
Lock the doorGrab and kissClothes hitting the floorWaiting for a moment like this
We made love all dayTouching and thrusting with all our heartKnowing it will always be this wayMade it easier when we had to part
We hate to say goodbyeFor goodbye it must beI can feel the tear in my eyeSeeing hers for me
It won’t be longIt won’t always end like thisWe must be strongRemembering the last kiss
By Bill Turner

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