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Extending Your Summer Days

By Sandwichedboomers @SandwichBoomers

Extending Your Summer DaysAlbert Einstein may be known for the Theory of Relativity but you could have told everyone that the speed of time is relative. When you want to savor every moment of a priceless experience, it feels like it’s over in a snap – but time can crawl when you’re in pain or even in an embarrassing spot.

Now that summer is here, have you been looking for ways to slow down the clock and enjoy each day to its fullest? It seems that the older we get and the more we want to hold back time, the faster it moves. Even though the daylight hours in summer are longer, they fly by one after another.

Whether you travel or stick close to home, take some time off and use these tips to enrich and extend your summer days – as well as create memories to keep you warm when fall begins:

Have some fun. Psychologists tell us we overestimate the amount of free time we’ll have in the future and underestimating how long it will take us to complete a task. So schedule some playtime for yourself now and along the way. And getting together with friends you haven’t seen in awhile is a good way to reconnect.

Enjoy the outdoors. Take advantage of the beautiful, long days. Watch the sun rise and take an early morning walk around your neighborhood. Leave your phone behind and you’ll enjoy the cool stillness of the morning with only the sounds of birds accompanying you. Have your lunch outside where you can feel the warmth of the sun. And, at the end of the day, set aside time to relax, put your feet up and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Do something different. When you include novelty, it creates a vivid picture, making it easier to remember. Add new experiences to your summer and each day seems longer. So join a beach yoga group, enroll in an art class, try your hand at writing poetry, or check out a new restaurant close to home.

Explore your community. Have you been too busy during the year to notice what’s new in your own neighborhood? Plan an outing to a park or community center or head to the library or museum for a revisit. There are sure to be special events scheduled during the summer.

Create family memories. Whether you go away for a family vacation or take advantage of summer concerts in the park, spend quality time together. You can try out new activities or build on ones your brood already enjoys. You’ll enjoy looking back on them over the year.

When you use these tips, you’ll find that you’re more likely to remember this summer as a series of unique experiences, full of long, rich days. Although you can’t actually stop the clock – even for your Millennials – you can slow it down to make this summer feel like it lasts longer.

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