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Exposing The Republican Lies About Mexican Immigration

Posted on the 23 November 2015 by Jobsanger
Exposing The Republican Lies About Mexican Immigration  One of the main issues that has Republican teabaggers exited in this election cycle is the demonization of Mexican immigrants -- especially those that are undocumented. Donald Trump has led the charge against those immigrants, calling them rapists and criminals, and pledging to build a huge wall between the United States and Mexico -- but all the other GOP candidates have jumped on the anti-immigrant bandwagon.
They claim that we are being flooded with undocumented immigrants from south of the border, and it's a huge problem that is only getting worse. What they won't admit is that they are NOT telling the truth. We are currently not being flooded with a huge wave of undocumented immigrants from Mexico. In fact, the current immigration rate of undocumented people from Mexico is less than zero.
That's right. There are currently more undocumented Mexican immigrants leaving the United States than are entering it. Since 2005, there have been 160,000 less immigrants coming from Mexico than are going back there (and 140,000 has been during the Obama administration).
Not only is the rate of immigration crossing our southern border less than zero, but the number of undocumented Mexican immigrants has fallen. The number of undocumented Mexican immigrants reached its peak in 2007 (during the Bush administration) Since then, it has dropped significantly -- from 6.9 million immigrants to 5.6 million (see bottom chart), as most of that drop has been during the Obama administration.
So, not only is there no flood of new undocumented immigrants, but another lie is exposed -- the GOP claim that the Obama administration has encouraged and allowed the "flood" of new undocumented immigration.
The truth is that while President Obama has rightfully refused to split up immigrant families by allowing those families with a citizen in them to stay, his administration has actually deported more undocumented immigrants than any Republican president (and has targeted those who commit criminal offenses, which makes sense).
Don't believe the Republican claims on immigration. As usual, they are just trying to scare voters -- and the truth means nothing to them.
NOTE -- These charts are from the Pew Research Center website.
Exposing The Republican Lies About Mexican Immigration

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