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Exploring Youtube Videos to Learn French Language Basics

By Tlb

One of the most applicable ways to learn French language is to sit down at your desktops or laptops, connect to the internet and type the letter y as your browsers provide the indexed website to go to. Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about the most visited social video website of all sites: YouTube. Such a wonderful site in the internet to be visited more often, isn’t it?


And yes, pertaining to learning French language, you can explore lots and lots of videos to help you learn the language more. You can always integrate such videos especially when you are having a hard time coping up the lessons in language schools learning.


Want to know which videos are there when it comes to French language learning? I found the following videos below completely helpful in letting us know the basics of French, from basic sentences to alphabet letters used in French; you can all learn it through these videos. Would you like to check them out?


Here are those.


  1. French Alphabet
YouTube Preview Image

Having fun with the frog? Yes, it is quite funny with its pronunciation and how his mouth detailed. But isn’t this a great video to start learning the pronunciation of the alphabets. Kind of similar with the ones in English, but there is difference, isn’t it?


  1.  Common French Phrases
YouTube Preview Image

These are honestly quite challenging phrases that have been mentioned in the video; but it’s always the best way to learn the translation and the pronunciation of these certain words which are completely very helpful for French learning.


  1. French Verbs
YouTube Preview Image

Verbs are action words that complete a sentence. Just as English has its own verbs, learners should be learning French’s as well. So taking note of these words will definitely make your learning easier. Even if the video takes time to finish, still, it’s best to consider remembering some words, isn’t it?


So I hope you learned some things in these videos. French language learning is enjoyable, isn’t it?


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