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Experiments with Aura Photos and Spirit Release Work

By Luphil

In October, my wife Cyrille was at a weekend seminar on Earth Energies with Janet Treloar, whom she came to know from a pre-course for a spiritual regression formation with Andy Tomlinson which she now is starting in GB. During the weekend Janet used an iPhone-app for aura-photography (saying that apps for Android etc. don’t give good results…).

Cyrille was curious (me too!) to do some experiments herself, and so she got the old iPhone from our youngest son Nikolas who installed the app (for less than 2 euros). However, Nikolas was sure, as well as his brother, that the app is creating just some “colour magic” and not making any subtle vibrations visible. Cyrille and I thought, let’s make some experiments. And though we don’t understand how the app really functions – it seems that it interprets the waves taken by the pics and renders them, sensing emotions etheric forms -  and how to interpret the colours and forms which sometimes present in a seemingly random way but there are some astonishing effects.

Since some years, Cyrille is training her sensitivity and has been studying and practicing spirit release work. She took the camera and went on a walk in a nearby forest with a friend. There they did a number of shots. At a place they both felt some heavy energy and they shot the following pic:


When tuning in, Cyrille realised that there was an earthbound soul who hadn’t managed to “get up” into the subtler realms. Together with her friend they made a release work and then took the next two photos which corresponded to their inner perceptions:



The heavy energy is still there but about to dissolve


The energy / earthbound soul is gone


Cyrille invoked an angel to the same place and took this pic.

Cyrille’s experiments are inspiredto a great degree by the very interesting book of Louise Ireland-Frey, MD: Freeing the Captives. I was thrilled to read it. Though it is of course a topic discussed controversially, we have seen impressive results ourselves when working with spirit releasement.

At another occasion two weeks ago, my wife did a spirit release work via Skype together with a friend in Germany, let’s call her Ann. Ann’s friend, let’s call her Marta, had submitted herself some days before into a psychiatric hospital due to a psychic crisis. Ann had the impression that there were dark energies around. Cyrille and Ann did a remote release with Marta, in consent with her husband but without her knowing. Cyrille felt that there was some demonic energy around Marta, and when they ended the work, before cleaning themselves, she took the following picture of herself:


After psychic cleaning, the energy was gone. And a day later, Marta, who felt quite of a sudden much better by then, left the hospital again. An accidental coincidence?

Cyrille noticed that the pics become clearer when she takes them with an inner focus. So for the next three pictures she invoked the devas of our garden and of two trees:


The deva of the old walnut tree


The deva of the oak tree


The deva of the garden

And here is a pic I took of myself when doing the first shots with the aura-app. There were pics of quite different colours and forms – as I said before, some seem to be random, others in tune with what we thought to correspond with the situation.


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