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Experience French Learning in Holidays to France

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Learning French in France will get you off the beaten path. The country has full of charm to carry out your, perhaps, unforgettable experience in your life! This is your chance to explore and edify with their affluent custom whilst having fun during holiday abroad.

learn french: Bastille day in France

Tricolour smoke trails during a Bastille Day, 14 July

In France there are scores of activities to do, and joining in these events can help augment your French language learning. The country has filled with a communicable atmosphere and constantly packed of excitement, in which, almost everything in here has something to offer.


Some foreign language schools in France integrate recreational activities, wherein students and teachers walk off together for enjoyment after their session- a short tour around the town’s impressive boulevard that has full of trendy shopping malls and cafes. How great it would be exploring to one of the striking and historic avenue in France and meet French people to talk with, which is good to practice the basic language.


Otherwise, if happens you depart from your homeland on the month of July, make sure to experience the jam-packed “Bastille Day” in the country. This is one of the very exciting and enjoyable periods of their celebrations during every 14th of July that is very significant to the country. Attempt to witness this or you will miss half chance in your life, since you travel in the country to mix holiday and learning French in France,


The name Bastille Day (“La Fête Nationale” in French) is derived from the English-speaking nations to its French National Day. Bastille is a Paris prison and a medieval fortress. This was the critical event at the start of the revolution of French people.


You will surely have pleasure on this particular commemoration especially when you witness the military parade as the main event, followed by communal meals, parties, dances, and the firework experience. It is really good to learn in France a new language for its environment is so stimulating, with tranquil atmosphere, and apparently interesting. The experience in the town can bring a means of experience and fervor to the foreign language school classroom and intend every lesson to focus on appropriate attention paid to learn French language.


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