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Experience Chicago Children’s Museum

By Urbanmatter Chicago @UMatterChicago
I do not have children and I have no plans to have children anytime soon.

But, in the future and (when the time is right) I’d like to think there will be Sam Jr’s running around. When I do have a child of my own, I want to be the coolest mom that ever walked the planet, and nothing makes a mom or dad cooler than taking your child on fun adventures.

Just the other day, I was thinking about all of the museums that Chicago has to offer, but I wondered if any of those would appeal to a child. Sure, children occasionally take field trips to museums in elementary school, but what about children even younger than that? What about toddlers and preschoolers who want to learn, play and have fun at the same time? While doing some research, I stumbled upon Chicago Children’s Museum.

Chicago Children’s Museum is a place where infants, children and their families are encouraged to explore and discover together through play. The museum has many exhibits and activities that provide fun experiences for children while helping them learn about science, math, art and literature.

The museum has special events and different programs that are offered on a daily basis. For example, they offer a Collage Studio which allows kids to use scissors, glue and paper to create anything their little heart desires. They also offer programs like Mathemania, Open Playground, Mud Creation and more!

These are only a few of the programs and events that the museum has to offer. If you’re an awesome parent or caregiver and you’re interested in planning a visit to Chicago Children’s Museum, visit their website and check out the calendar:

Chicago Children’s Museum Details:

Located at Navy Pier
700 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

Hours of Operation:
Monday- Wednesday: 10am-5pm
Thursday: 10am- 8pm
Friday-Sunday: 10am-5pm

Children Under One:  Free
Children& Adults: $14.00
Seniors: $13.00

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