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Expatriate Effectiveness Survey 2011

By Clogsandtulips @clogsandtulips
Are you an expat who moved to another country for work or through your job? If so, this survey is for you. Universit채t Bielefeld student Janik K체hn in Germany is doing a survey as part of a his thesis study on expatriate effectiveness. Please take a moment to read his letter below and fill out the survey.
Universit채t Bielefeld / Work and Organizational Psychology
I am writing my diploma thesis at Bielefeld University, Germany. In this context, I am arranging an online survey about the relations between expatriate effectiveness, job satisfaction, adjustment, personal goals and problem solving abilities. Participants need to be working expatriates during their time abroad.
The success of my research depends on the number of people participating in this survey. So I would be very grateful if you could manage to take approximately 30 minutes to participate.
To get reliable data, this research consists of two parts. These are going to be realized in a time interval of 4 weeks. If you agree to join in the second part, we will ask you for your emailaddress to automatically send an email with a reminder and the link to the second questionnaire. You will find additional information at the end of the first survey. We kindly ask you to respond to the second part, because reliable data depends significantly on the number of participants in this second wave.
All data is treated confidentially and we will make the data anonymous as soon as possible, that is removing all personal data and email-addresses. This is warranted by Dipl.-Psych. Hannah Voigt (research fellow and faculty member at Bielefeld University) and Cand.-Psych. Janik K체hn (psychology student at Bielefeld University). All data is used for academic purposes only.
If you want to support our research even further, please send this questionnaire to other expatriates you know. This would assist us greatly, since every single participant will ensure the findings of our research and possible implications in practice.
Please follow this link to the online questionnaire: http://bit.ly/expatriate_effectiveness
If you want to cancel the questionnaire, just close your browser - no data will be used.
Thank you for your interest in participating in this study and your willingness to support our research,
Janik K체hn
Bielefeld University, Germany
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