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Expat Surprise: Skirt Power in Bolivia

By Miss Footloose @missfootloose

Ever heard of women wrestlers dressed in long, full skirts? Maybe you have, but I have not. What I like about living in foreign countries is discovering new customs and learning new ways of looking at life. But sometimes you learn interesting things just sitting in your chair, and that is what I did recently: I just sat in my chair, in front of my computer, and bingo, I learned something interesting. About women wrestling men as well as each other while wearing long, full, skirts. In a country I have never lived in or even visited. So today I am cheating. I will not offer you a story of my own, but give you this fascinating little video about brave women in Bolivia called the Fighting Cholitas. If you’ve never heard of them, this video will be a treat. And after you’ve seen it, click on The Fighting Cholitas of Bolivia to see another short video with a excellent, narrated explanation in English. Don’t miss it.

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