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Expat Foodie: What to Do With Goose Fat?

By Miss Footloose @missfootloose

What did you eat for Christmas dinner? I cooked a free range, Moldovan village goose. I remember cooking a goose once, in the US, when our offspring was young. They didn’t want anything to do with it, culinary heathens that they were. They wanted turkey.

So this year I saw my chance and decided on a goose. There are lots of them roaming free here in the countryside in Moldova. It was delicious, but it didn’t have as much meat as I had expected.

Expat Foodie: What to Do With Goose Fat?

Only a dinner plate full of meat from a 3.2 kg ( 7 lb) goose

I ended up with plenty of good fat though, which I am keeping and may make presents of to foodies and nutrition fans, if I can find them! Apparently it is very good for you, and it’s widely used in cooking in the south of France. And we know how unhealthy they are (not). I have now a supply to last me for years, so sharing seems like a good thing to do.

And if you did not receive my Holiday Greetings, here they are.

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