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Expanding the Control in Bnei Braq

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Actualic has a report of the new "takanon", directives, put out by the City of Bnei Braq for the students in its kindergarten system and their families.
While usually such sets of directives are employed by private schools and not normally by official iryah or State schools, in Bnei Braq things are different.
A few points are mentioned, but the one thing I find surprising is the requirement that grandparents must have a kosher cellphone (rather than a regular smartphone).
The response of the Iryah is that the takanon is nothing new and it is based on requests of the majority of the parents in the city.
a. I wonder how they took this poll of the parents of the city to determine that a majority of them had all these various requests and demands. Did parents get a referendum to vote upon? Did a few people complain and they suddenly became the majority? How does this work?
b. the attempt to control everybody and their surroundings is taking an additional step, with it being expanded to grandparents of the student. Soon they'll expand it to cousins and aunts and uncles, and then maybe to neighbors and parents acquaintances.
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