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Executive Search & Recruitment – Why a Recruitment Agency Makes Sense

Posted on the 06 October 2021 by Litcom

According to some business owners, third-party recruitment services are expensive and ineffective. After all, how difficult can it be to find an employee?

In truth, if this activity is not done properly, it will almost certainly lead to a lengthy and difficult process culminating in a sub-optimal outcome that could have long-term ramifications to the organization.

So how does a recruiting firm really add value?

Here are a few examples.

A hiring partner can save you time

Balancing day-to-day work with sifting through hundreds or thousands of resumes and then conducting selected interviews can be extremely difficult for a manager. Candidate searches can be long, drawn-out processes, and that’s not including the time required to interview potential candidates.

On the other hand, an established Recruitment firm will handle everything from preparing the ‘right’ kind of position profile, sourcing and screening resumes, and validating the information contained in the resumes of promising prospects, preparing prospects for upcoming interviews and managing the process for shortlisted individuals. In this way, a recruitment firm helps to reduce the number of internal resources required for this process while ensuring this process is completed as quickly and effectively as possible.  Plus, it allows Managers to return to their primary responsibilities.

Working with a recruitment agency is cost-effective

A recruitment firm can assist you in expediting the recruitment process and lowering the cost of available positions. As well, in some cases, there are savings in areas such as job advertisements on all major job boards and a reduction in training expenditures (in some agencies).

A recruitment firm will identify the most qualified candidates for you

Another circulating myth regarding recruitment firms is that individuals hired via third-party recruiters are unqualified. However, the reality is quite the reverse. This is why:

  • A recruiter is a search subject matter expert. These people are always up to date with the staffing market and this enables them to know about the local salaries, employee requirements, and potential hiring problems.
  • Recruitment agencies have a large network of contacts that they can use to connect you with the best talent.
  • A good recruitment firm will leverage the power of top job boards to advertise an open position at your company.
  • A recruiter can negotiate salaries with candidates, which will help them understand what fair compensation is and increase the chances of finding the best talent.

All of this demonstrates that utilizing a recruiting partner to find strong, capable staff boosts your chances of hiring the finest individuals for your open positions.

The Litcom Approach

With rapid changes in technology and IT-related unemployment near all-time record lows, companies today are finding it increasingly more challenging to attract and retain highly skilled IT professionals to design, implement, manage and safeguard their systems from cyber threats.

Our IT staffing solutions enable us to deliver flexible recruitment to meet any situation, by utilizing our huge database of competent contract and full-time employees to meet both long- and short-term requirements. We are available to meet your immediate resource needs on any project with great candidates, cost-effective prices, and rapid response times.

Litcom is here to assist you – contact us today to learn more about our organization’s unique characteristics and how we can assist you with your employment needs.

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