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Excursions in Bhadrachalam – and Back to Rajahmundry

By Luphil

Wednesday early morning after group meditation in the hotel we went again to the temple. I enjoyed very much the ambiance of the dawn and the chants vibrating over the temple complex. Inside the temple there were the statues of Rama Sita and Lakshmana which the devotee lady had discovered in a termite hill due to her search after a vision. The place was charged with the energy of mantric work over a long time – and we felt much uplifted.




Dawn inside the temple



Walking  with Sri Kumar over the dam to the Godavari river



The “engineers” inspecting an old boat motor on the beach


Flowers seen from the tree top of the hotel balcony

After breakfast a 1 hour bus ride brought us to a place related to the Ramayana, the life of Rama, the avatar of the Treta yuga. We were shown a place where legend told that during their exile Rama, Sita and Lakshmana were living for a while and where Sita was living each month during her period. Then we went to another place where according to the legends Sita was kidnapped by the demon Ravana. There was a little temple and some statues around.


The place where Sita stayed at a little river

Statues of the dwelling place of Sita and Lakshmana

After lunch we boarded again the bus for a nearly 7 hs ride back to Rajahmundry. We stopped for a while on the road, because some lorry drivers said that the road over the jungle pass was blocked due to stone falls. Some motorbike-drivers also were questioned about the situation. We wanted to hurry up to get through the jungle before nightfall. Sri Kumar’s car arrived and he told us to go ahead. So we entered the bus and came over the pass, slow, but without difficulties. The broken lorry we saw a day ago was still blocking one of the bends…

We were very happy when we arrived around 7 pm at the WTT center and were received with a delicious dinner – and then fell into our beds…


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