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Exclusive: PC James Holden – A Message from the Federation

Posted on the 08 February 2012 by Minimumcover @minimumcover

Following my previous post on the prosecution of PC James Holden regarding a pursuit in Portsmouth last February I have received the following statement from John Apter, Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation.
It provides previously un-released details about the case and shows the true colours of the Hampshire PRG, PSD and CPS in charging others involved in the incident alongside PC Holden. Thankfully this aspect of the case was not released to the press and these other officers avoided the trauma of Crown Court and trial by media.

I would like to thank John for his willingness to bring this situation fully into focus and wish him and PC Holden the best during the review process to come.

Statement reads:

The case of PC James Holden has raised many questions, the main one being why was he ever prosecuted in the first place? This question along with many others will be put into the review which is being lead by Hampshire’s DCC, Andy Marsh.
The passenger in the pursuit vehicle, the radio operator, was also prosecuted for aid and abets dangerous driving. This was mentioned in open court but not reported on. Fortunately, with thanks to our legal team, this was thrown out at the committal stage.
Having spoken at length with the DCC I am confident that the review will be a thorough and detailed one. I am also confident that the officers involved will now have their voices heard. I can’t predict what the review will recommend, time will tell. But if, at the very least, some learning comes from this situation then we must take this as a positive.
The emotional impact on both officers has been dramatic. What has been of comfort to them has been the support from colleagues and members of the public. It is clear from the many phone calls, emails and letters we have received that the public do support us.
Through this blog I want to thank those of you who have sent messages of support, we read every one and it was that support which helped James Holden get through the past few weeks.
Thank you
John Apter
Hampshire Police Federation

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