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Exclusive Interview with Brianna Hildebrand!

Posted on the 29 June 2016 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery

This past Supanova we got to talk to some awesome people. You've seen our chat with James Marsters, now we bring you one of our conversations with the stars of the mega-smash hit Deadpool! Brianna Hildebrand is here to talk about Negasonic Teenage Warhead without any long, sullen silences and only a few mean comments.


Exclusive Interview with Brianna Hildebrand!

G-Funk: I'm going to kick off...we're at Supanova 2016 in Perth and let's see if I can get it right because Stefan's (Kapicic) I got totally wrong: Brianna Hildegard?

Brianna Hildebrand: 'Hildebrand'.

GF: Hildebrand. And you're best know, right now, for Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool.

GF: First question, you're not a particularly well known actor outside of that role...how did you get into it?

BH: I just auditioned.

BH: Yeah, I never know what to say for this question! But yeah, I just auditioned and I got a call back and it went from there. I think the chemistry was just there when I auditioned, I don't know.

GF: The chemistry with director, the other actors?

BH: Me and whoever was reading with me, then with the director and I because Tim (Miller) and I read for my second audition.

GF: Cool. It's a story with a happy ending. It's a simple one but it ended well. The character of Negasonic, she's got the name of a comic character but she doesn't have a lot else in common with her. You had a fresh, original character to work with. Did you get to put your stamp and personality on her?

BH: Yeah, absolutely. I had a really angsty teenage experience I guess, so I definitely got to put a lot of myself into her. I talked to Tim a lot about it, but most of my ideas he rolled with because there wasn't so much about her anyway.

Exclusive Interview with Brianna Hildebrand!

GF: What's it like on set working with so many special effects and so many different things that you can't see? Was it a challenge?

BH: Yeah, it was interesting. Probably the most challenging part was working opposite the guy who was a stand in for for Colossus because I had no idea what he looked like at the beginning. The more he started filming the more Tim would show me the outlines of him and what they were thinking he should look like. That was probably the most difficult part.

GF: You didn't work with Stefan on set?

BH: No I actually met Stefan at the premiere at New York.

GF: For a moment I thought you were going to say 'this morning at the convention'...

BH: (Laughs) No, no, definitely at the premiere. He came up to me on the red carpet and was like, "it's me, Colossus!" I was like, ohhhhhhh...

GF: Yeah...you! Right!

BH: (Laughs) Yeah!

Exclusive Interview with Brianna Hildebrand!

GF: And then another guy comes up like, "no, I'm Colossus, what are you doing?"

BH: It was just a brawl on the red carpet. But honestly, it was great meeting him.

GF: I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed that you've got hair.

BH: Awwww. Boo hoo.

GF: I'm sorry.

BH: (Laughs) It's ok! I had a shaved head for about two years. The reason I started growing my hair out is because I had this other role after Deadpool in which they want her to have hair, so they put a wig on me. It hurt really bad because my hair was so short. I started growing it out so they would have something to put the wig on to.

GF: I'm not saying that you're hair doesn't look good. You look good today.

BH: Yeah, geez, what are you trying to say?

GF: Shave your head?

Exclusive Interview with Brianna Hildebrand!

BH: I probably will eventually.

GF: Everyone knows you for Negasonic Teenage Warhead...do you have a part coming up or from the past that you want people to know about?

BH: Yeah, I play a play a girl named Sasha in a movie called First Girl I Loved, that I'm assuming will be out at the end of the year but I'm not sure where or when so that's kinda sad...

GF: We'll look it up.

BH: It's a nice movie, it's a tale about two high school girls who fall in love. It's really personal to me and I'm excited about the project in general.

GF: Personal for you?

GF: You don't want to talk about it?

BH: No, I have a girlfriend and I respect anything LGBTQ related in general.

GF: That's cool. So...I don't have a follow up to that, I'm sorry!

BH: Did I stump you? Hahaha!

Exclusive Interview with Brianna Hildebrand!

GF: You did, know I'm stuck. I ran out of X-Men questions. What was the movie called again?

GF: First Girl I Loved. And can you tell us anything else about it? Hype it up, now's your chance.

BH: Oh my God. I don't know how much I can tell without giving it away. That's generally it, it's the story about two high school girls who fall in love and they handle that, and how everyone else handles that around them.

GF: From a pop culture perspective it feels like the time for that kind of story, for people who are coming out and for people to feel more comfortable with it, which is very positive. We're very happy to see that, and I work in a high school as well so I like seeing that kind of message going out to the students, that this isn't something to be afraid of.

BH: Right. It's awesome. Yeah, it's great.

GF: Yes, thank you for coming out to Perth and for sitting down with us. I'm a huge X-Men fan so I'm really excited to meet you and Stefan. I got to meet X-Men!

BH: Yes! Oh my God, it's your lucky day!

GF: Are you going to be in another X-Men film?

BH: I don't know, but that would be sweet.

GF: You're up for it?

BH: Yeah, I'm totally down.

GF: Your character was awesome, we totally love her.

BH: Thank you.

Exclusive Interview with Brianna Hildebrand!

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