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Exclusive Interview with Arthur Darvill!

Posted on the 24 March 2017 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery

Arthur Darvill is a man without much time on his hands. When he isn't composing music, performing on stage or practising magic tricks he's travelling through time in some of the best science-fiction time travelling adventures seen on TV. When he came to town for Oz Comic-Con we took the chance to catch-up with the man out of time!

Enjoy the audio or transcribed version below!


Exclusive Interview with Arthur Darvill!

G-FUNK: We're the House of Geekery and we're here for Perth Oz Comic-Con and we have Arthur Darvill with us today.

GF: Hello! And how will people know you?

AD: I don't know...from meeting me on the street? I don't know!

GF: If they turned their TV on, would they know you?

AD: Oh, right! They may know from Such Programs As Doctor Who and Broadchurch and Legends of Tomorrow and other things.

AD: Thanks. I've been really lucky.

GF: I'll get into those in a sec...do you mind being a Guiana pig for a question?

AD: I've always wanted to be a Guiana pig.

GF: Brilliant. I've got a question I always wrap up interviews with but I want to try a new starting question. You do a lot of press, a lot of media interviews...

GF: Is there a question you're sick on hearing?

AD: Noooooo. But there's a question...because I do a lot of time travel stuff people ask me 'if I could travel in time where would I go to' and I try and say different answer every time, so I never tell the truth.

AD: I probably wouldn't because I'd be terrified of messing anything up.

AD: Yeah. I'd go to, like, yesterday. I had a really nice lunch yesterday, so I'd 'relunch'. I think that'll be the safest option.

GF: I like that answer. A good lunch...you can't replay a good lunch.

AD: No, you can't replay a good lunch.

Exclusive Interview with Arthur Darvill!

GF: Do you think that's an alright question to start interviews with?

AD: I think that's a good question.

GF: The way you say it, that when you get a script you'd be happy to see your name in it, that implies that sometimes you got scripts without your name in it. Were they just winding you up?

AD: (Laughs) No, no, no, they didn't do that. But because my character died quite a lot I think they were very good at making sure I knew that I wasn't actually dead and I wasn't out of a job. That was good.

GF: A couple of my film students wanted to know if you had a favourite death in the show?

AD: I liked the fake death...there was one death, (laughs) this is ridiculous...I got zapped by an old lady and turned into sand? I got to watch my hand disappear and turn into sand. It was a bit like the scene in Back to the Future where Marty's hand disappears and I like having a little bit of that.

Exclusive Interview with Arthur Darvill!

GF: It seems that you have a bit of an affinity for time travel stories.

AD: I do have a bit of an affinity with time travel stories, yeah!

GF: You had Rory and then you went to Rip Hunter...

AD: It's the only thing I can do. Time travel.

GF: I couldn't help seeing...the first time we saw you as Rip Hunter with the coat and the witty banter and the mission...it kinda felt like you were stepping into the Doctor's shoes.

GF: Did it feel like you were taking that role on?

GF: It certainly is. Speaking of where the show is now...where are you?

AD: I don't know how much you guys have seen over here...

GF: We know you're not around!

AD: Ok. Well, I do come back. But it'll be slightly in a different form to what you've seen before...

GF: You're regenerating!

AD: Weeeeeell let's not call it that!

GF: Suddenly Matt Smith turns up?

AD: Yeah, I've got Matt's face.

GF: ... Sorry, mental image. Was it you left Legends of Tomorrow to finish up Broadchurch?

AD: Oh my goodness, it's one of the best things I've ever done in my life. It's such a great group of people and Chris Chibnall's a genius - he writes it. Just working with David (Tennant) and Olivia (Colman) and Jodie (Whittaker) and Andy (Buchan) and all those people for three or four years now has been a real joy. It's been great.

GF: I haven't watched any of season 3, I'm waiting for them all to come out so I can binge watch them.

AD: I've just seen the first four episodes and it's really...it's really beautiful, actually. It's shot really well and it deals with a very sensitive subject matter in the most wonderful way. It's really good.

GF: On the sensitive subject matter, it's a pretty grim show. We have child murder, we have sexual assaults...what's the atmosphere like on set?

AD: You know it's really...jolly. Because the subject matter is so bleak everyone really wants to have a nice time making it. Everyone is there for the right reasons, everyone wants to make it work. It's such a lovely bunch of people. I think it is bleak, but what really works about the show is, amongst other things, is the dynamic that David and Olivia have...they have a real funny double act. Olivia has this amazing - because David's character is so dark - she brings out this real lightness in his character. Even in the most distressing moments she has this real skill to show a real human...it's not humour, she has a real lightness of touch that makes you find what she does really funny because it really is how people would react in those kinds of situations. She really adds a lightness of touch to it, which is amazing.

Exclusive Interview with Arthur Darvill!

GF: That sounds like a great working environment.

GF: Your other work, you kind of split your time between the screen and the stage.

GF: Is there a preference there? One that you would move into entirely?

GF: I'd like you as a wizard.

AD: I practise magic tricks in my spare time so eventually...

GF: Can we see a magic trick?

AD: No, I'm not very good at it yet. We'll see what happens.

Exclusive Interview with Arthur Darvill!

Jules (awesome photographer): Have you heard the rumour that you're going to be the young Dumbledore?

AD: Yes! Do you know why that happened? Someone asked me in an interview, "would you like to play the young Dumbledore?" I said, "well, yes...of course I would". Suddenly it became this news story. Eventually I'll get to play a wizard.

GF: We need a hashtag...#DarvillforDumbledore.

AD: No, because a) it's not going to happen and b) that's for further down the line.

AD: Ah ha ha ha, yes, yes, very good...

GF: That must've been good fun.

AD: That was amazing. Well, several things about it were amazing. I got to play guitar and sing on stage every night, which was wonderful, with an incredible group of people. I got to live in New York for a year, which was like a proper dream of mine. It was brilliant.

GF: I'm getting the 'wrap up' signal, so it's time for my final question...

AD: Oh. No, not really...I don't know! This is a boring answer: no. I'm just glad people watch what I do and apparently enjoy it.

GF: Matt had a better answer.

AD: What was Matt's answer?

AD: OH YES, he was, of course! Well...no, nothing. Just grateful.

GF: Well, what you do is really great.

GF: I thought Rory and Amy were fantastic characters. Rory became a brilliant figure, and I named my daughter Amelia after Amy.

AD: Oh, no way! Wow! That's amazing!

GF: I haven't met Karen yet, she keeps cancelling when she's coming out.

GF: The week she was born when you two left the show, so it kind of serendipitous for us.

GF: It's an absolute pleasure to meet you, Arthur, thanks for coming down and talking to us and we'll see you on the Con floor.

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