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Exciting News! My New Website is Finally Here!

By Kathleen O'Malley @frugalportland

For the skimmers: my new website is live! Go check it out here, and sign up for the newsletter here.

I’m just going to come right out and say it.

I think you can change your life.

Through a blog.

No, really.

There is money to be made on the internet, and anyone who works hard enough can earn money. Maybe a small amount of money. Maybe the equivalent of a part-time job. Heck, maybe you can even replace your full-time salary with money you make for yourself online.

If you have a story to tell, you can monetize it. I mean it. You just need someone to hold your hand.

I love holding hands.

That’s why I created For Profit Blogging, a resource for bloggers of all skill levels (even those of you who haven’t even started yet!) to learn how to make money on the internet.

See, the best way to make money on the internet is teaching people how to make money on the internet, which means there are a lot of snake oil salespeople in that niche. I’m not one of those. Oh, sure, I have affiliate links on the blog, but I’m not interested in recommending the hosting provider that gives the biggest payout — no. I’ll only recommend products I’ve used and believe in.

For some reason, I’m more nervous about this announcement than I should be. I mean, I already have this blog, people already know I’m a blogger, so what’s the big deal?

The big deal, I think, is intent.

See, I started Frugal Portland not knowing where it would go, or even how long this blogging adventure would last. So I started with an “aw, shucks!” mentality that was, frankly, holding me back. I never asked anyone to take me seriously here, but you did. That’s amazing.

For Profit Blogging, however, is a different beast. It’s a blog written in my voice for people who want tips on the latest tools to hit the blog world, or the tricks I’ve learned to help increase page views. It’s a resource, and it’s pushing the limits of my comfort zone.

Who Should Read For Profit Blogging?

  • Bloggers
  • People who want to be bloggers
  • Freelancers
  • Internet dorks

The rest of you are safe here. I’ve never blogged about blogging here (at least you can’t prove it if I did!) and I don’t intend to. I’ll continue writing here, because hey, I’m still frugal in Portland (which is not nearly as catchy as Sleepless in Seattle but you already knew that!) and I have plenty more to say.

If you’d like to connect on the new site, here are a few ways:


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