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Exam Day! (by Amy M)Morning!I Have My First Written Final Today...

By Fashionalaamy @amsmcdonald
Exam day! (by Amy M)Morning!I have my first written final today...

Exam day! (by Amy M)
I have my first written final today - Shakespeare! I’m terrified to say the least and would quite like it to be over now! But in 4 hours it will be wahoo!
Anyway, I went for a little bit smart, but it’s hot outside so not too formal!
The scarf (used as a headband) is from a vintage market in Rome, chiffon-y blouse from Primark, pants Primark and the cute little moccasins are from Aldo! 
I went for a headscarf today as my hair is a mess and I can’t be bothered to sit and play with it for 3.5 hours in the exam and I thought it looked quite endearing and maybe makes me look/feel a bit more intelligent…ha!
The standard white/black/tan combination is my go-to color palette and I think it just makes one feel a little better in an exam to be a bit smarter than those in pyjamas/tracksuits!
Have a great day!
Amy x x 

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