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Ex-Gods – Ex-Gods

Posted on the 21 May 2015 by Ripplemusic

Ex-Gods – Ex-Gods

When we last heard from some of these gentlemen, they were a band called Mahnhammer.After a little time away and some personnel re-grouping, they are back now as Ex-Gods.If you are fortunate enough, as I am, to live in the same town as these guys, this is cause for much rejoicing.The world needs more bands like this.A lot more bands like this.

Per their press release, they self-describe as a punk/noise/metal band, so we'll go with that.Besides, it saves me some work in describing them myself.They are a heavy band without being, like, crushing or oppressively heavy.More like cast iron skillet to the face heavy.This is definitely one of those bands though, that when you listen to the album you think, "I bet these guys play loud".Having seen them live, you would be correct.Loud and face smashing in the very best of ways.

The re-organization of the band seems to have done some good.These songs are a little more concise than the previous release and they sound like they have a better idea of how they want to come across to you, the listener.The recording of this album is very good and for my ears, the mix is great.The vocals, especially, are in the right place in the mix, which makes it easier to hear and understand the lyrics.I have had this disc on repeat for several days now and I am not anywhere near being tired of it.That is probably the best thing I can say about any release.

What is it like?The music is very raw and visceral and gets right to the point.Some bands who play in this style tend to over do it with the tempos, whereas Ex-Gods hit that mid-tempo pace and there is a little swing and groove to these songs.If your idea of groove is maniacally banging your head and listening to music that makes you want to rip shit up.This is the perfect album for those totally shitty days when you want to go home and punch holes in the walls and light your couch on fire.Instead, you put this on at maximum volume and takes the place of all the mayhem you could do.

I could have used some more songs.There are only 6 tracks and they are mostly fairly short.But that is not really a big deal.Just put it on repeat and enjoy this over and over again.The key word there being "enjoy".This is a good one.You need this album.


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