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eWebGuru Announces the Addition of G Suite Services to Their Dedicated Server Hosting Services

By Harshil Barot @Harshil_Barot

If you are a small business owner and yet to make a decision on buying an affordable hosting plan from India's trusted web hosting company eWebGuru, then consider fixing your decision on engaging with the host company eWebGuru.

Because recently, the Indian hosting company eWebGuru has announced the addition of Services to all their dedicated server hosting plans, which will be highly beneficial for all business sites .

eWebGuru Announces the Addition of G Suite Services to Their Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Well, if you have not prolific on G Suite, here in this article we have elaborated on the G Suite services and how it can be pretty handy for the business websites.

Well, this might be a million-dollar question among the non-tech business people. A G-Suite known as Google Suite is a collection of intelligent applications of the Internet giant Google.

When we roll back a few years before, this G Suite named as Google Apps and after late 2016, it re-branded as the G Suite specifically offers various benefits for business websites.

Many might think G Suite as the email, but to be frank, it is more than just email. The G Suite comes with a variety of applications that offers a wide range of features that are quite handy for a website to offer the best service to its viewers/users.

Features of G-Suite Offered under eWebGuru Dedicated server Hosting.

Apart from the basic applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs & Sheets, Google Keep, G Suite consist of a wide range of advanced features.

eWebGuru includes all those exciting features offered by the G Suite services in their dedicated server hosting plans, especially the Google hangout meeting, Mobile Management, Hangout chat which is an essential service for the business to run smoothly.

Lists of advanced G Suite Features amended in Dedicated server Hosting Plans of eWebGuru.

It allows business owners to manage things in the hosting server easily and simply. Operations like Adding New Users, Grouping Users, Managing Devices, Adding Custom Domains, and so can be done at ease. In addition, with this Admin Console, admin can able to configure the security settings.

eWebGuru Announces the Addition of G Suite Services to Their Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Business owners can utilize Google Forms to gather the user's information quickly. In fact, using Google forms in the business websites will gives you the needed brand look and it easiest way to implement and to gather data.

Just as the Word Press content management system, Google too offers its own CMS for creating an emerging website at ease. Business owners can make use of this Google Sites to create their blog section for their business websites and even create their small business vending sites.

Well, Google Slides are the perfect alternative to Microsoft's PowerPoint by using you can create a real-time collaboration with your viewers/users. In fact, Google Slides are the best way to express your services to your readers without boring them.

Well, this search features available for the G Suite Business and Enterprise Users. This Google Cloud Search allows business owners to search across your website that also includes Gmail, Drive, Google Docs, Slides, Calendar and so.

As the name suggests, Google Vault offers the best and secure backups of all your business site data and other vital information. By using the Google Vault, business owners can able to achieve all their business data and able to set their own retention policies.

Do I need a G suite for my business?

Every business has its own set of requirements to manage the smooth operation. However, there are a few common reasons that every business needs to utilize for carrying better business operations. Those common features are listed below.

  1. Email Account Ownership.
  2. File Ownership.
  3. Document Sharing.
  4. Group Email Address.
  5. Multiple Email Aliases.
  6. To Use Outlook as an Email Client.
  7. Extended File Storage.
  8. Extra Security Features (2-Step Verification).
  9. CRM Integration.
  10. Ease Installation of Business Applications.
The Benefits of eWebGuru G Suite Services for Your Business.

G Suite services of eWebGuru offers a maximum of 30 email aliases that allow business owners to do sophisticated email marketing operations without spending any extra penny.

eWebGuru Announces the Addition of G Suite Services to Their Dedicated Server Hosting Services

2] Document Creating and Collaboration

By using the G Suite services of eWebGuru, site admin can create multiple documents for their business and collaborate them easily.

3] Offline Capabilities

G Suite Services offered by eWebGuru can be accessible even in offline that allows the hosted website to provide better service to its viewers and to maximize its productivity.

All the data or files stored in the G Suite are open for pubic unless the owners do some restrictions. G Suite Services offered by eWebGuru offers full access control to its users on sharing their files to the world.

With the G Suite Service, now the clients of dedicated hosting plans of eWebGuru can able to create their websites at ease without any assistance from tech-savvy people.

6] No Scheduled Downtime or Maintenance

Since, G Suite available online and it does not require any installation. There is no scheduled downtime or maintenance for G Suite Services offered by the eWebGuru on its dedicated hosting.

7] Extremely Affordable

eWebGuru offers all 3 types of G Suite plans under its Dedicated Hosting plans for an affordable price. Users can make use of appropriate plans that suit well for their requirements.

Just like Google, eWebGuru offers assured privacy protection and it ensures about not collecting or leaking any of its client's information or business data via G Suite Services.

Over the years, the hosting company eWebGuru continues to provide better web solutions along with hosting solutions to its clients.

Now with the inclusion of the G Suite services on their dedicated hosting plans, business websites, which are hosted on eWebGuru's dedicated server, can enjoy prolific hosting features with various SEO benefits.

To know more about the G Suite Services of eWebGuru feel free to dial their customer care number 0120-4806750.

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