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"Evil Loves Confusion and Sows It in the Spin"

Posted on the 24 July 2014 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

The Anchoress is looking to the future, through the lens of history and the prism of her faith, and is seeing something beastly and ugly:

These people are in pain, and they are quoting the Lord Jesus, and calling on his name. Watch it all.

The man wonders at the organization and placement of ISIS, and also wonders what government entity is giving them the support such organization requires. That might be a question, indeed? There is a lot to wonder about, but I doubt we’ll ever know, not in any timely way.

This is an ironic information age where answers to questions are suppressed, or sneered at, or Mosulchurchshrugged off or subjected to such wild spinning that we are all disoriented and flung about and that, I suspect, is the idea. Evil loves confusion and sows it in the spin.

Whoever and whatever is supporting the advance of ISIS is almost a moot point, though, because we’ve all seen this movie; we’ve seen what jackbooted forces in service to idols of totalitarian ideas do to humanity, and we’ve seen governments and media entities turn blind eyes to what they know is going on. In Baghdad, the bishop wonders,“why is the world silent?”. In that place Sunni and Shiite Muslims band with Kurds and Christians in brave and noble protest, to little notice. In Syria similar destruction is barely mentioned.

It is interesting to me that the government that should most identify with what these Christians are experiencing, and who have the structures in place to give humanitarian assistance and possibly sanctuary, (yes, that would be Israel) is currently distracted by the not-terribly threatening missiles of Hamas. The world is watching an unending loop of “yes, they have a right to defend themselves but they’re overdoing it” and in the distraction of dithering diplomatic reruns — in all of that sown confusion — the jackboot is permitted to make its destructive imprint, and since there is nothing to stop what follows, the headlines are all bound to get much worse.

There are disconcerting things happening all around us, most of them purposed in distraction, discouragement, disillusionment.

We are not going to be led out of this mess by some political visionary.  We are not going to be brought through this by someone espousing the right ideology.

Some will sneer at what follows, others will ridicule and dismiss it but what we truly need is what man has needed from the time of the Garden.

We need Him.  We need God.  That need is being defined and underscored more and more each day, leaving us with a decision, a choice.

God, help us choose with discernment and wisdom.

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