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Evidence Says Trump Campaign DID Conspire With Russia

Posted on the 11 January 2019 by Jobsanger
Evidence Says Trump Campaign DID Conspire With Russia  The names in the column to the left are the members of Donald Trump's family and campaign staff that met with Russians  during the presidential campaign and/or the transition after Trump was elected. Those 16 people had at least 101 meetings with Russian operatives.
(For a complete list of the 101 meetings with Russian operatives, you can go to The Moscow Project.)
In addition to the 16 people who met with Russian operatives, there were another 12 people in the Trump campaign who knew about at least some of those meetings. That makes 28 people who either met with Russian operatives or knew about those meetings.
It is no longer reasonable to believe that the Trump campaign did not collude (conspire) with Russia to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. If it was only one or two people that had met once or twice with Russians, the argument could be made that these were lone agents and the campaign did not know what they were doing (or approve of it). But now that the number is 28, that is no longer a believable argument.
I'm sure that some of Trump's base will still try to claim that Trump did not know or approve of these meetings. That is also beyond belief.
Donald Trump is a micro-manager. He micro-managed his businesses, and he did the same with his presidential campaign. No one can logically conclude that Trump was clueless to 101 meetings with Russians by 16 members of his campaign team -- and that the 12 people who knew did not tell Trump.
Nothing happened in the Trump campaign that was not know by Trump himself, and which he did not approve. Trump has repeatedly denied that he colluded with Russia to affect the 2016 campaign. He is lying. He did collude (conspire) with Russia -- and he needs to be impeached and indicted for that.                                                                    

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