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Evidence from Buddhist Scriptures That Jesus (as) Traveled to Kashmir.

By Kashifqdn @kashifqdn
 I have discovered various kinds of evidence from Buddhist scriptures, the collective appraisal of which definitely and conclusively establishes that Jesus(as) traveled to areas like the Punjab and Kashmir. These are as follows…
First the titles bestowed on the Buddha(as) bear a strong resemblance to the titles given to Jesus(as), and some events in the Buddha’s life closely resemble the events in the life of Jesus(as). Here I mean the Buddhism which prevails in areas around Tibet, like Leh, Lhasa, Gilgit and Hims, which are proved to have been visited by Jesus(as). As regards titles, Jesus(as) in his teachings called himself ‘the Light’, similarly Gautama was called Buddha, which in Sanskrit means ‘Light’. Jesus(as) is also called ‘Teacher’ in the Gospels, similarly the Buddha(as) is called Sasta, which means ‘Teacher’. Jesus(as) is called ‘Blessed’ in the Gospels, and in the same way one of the names of Buddha(as) is Sagpat, which means ‘Blessed’. Jesus(as) is called ‘Prince’ and so is the Buddha(as). One of the names of Jesus(as) in the Gospels connotes that he would fulfill the purpose of his advent, and the Buddha(as) has been called Siddharta, which means one who fulfils the purpose of his advent. One of the titles of Jesus(as) is the Refuge of the weary, and one of the names of Buddha(as) is Asran sam, which means the Shelter for the shelterless. Jesus(as) has been called ‘King’ in the Gospels though what he meant was the kingdom of heaven; likewise the Buddha(as) has also been called ‘King’

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