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Everything Yummy Ltd.

By Mustachio @mustachio2011
Everything Yummy has been around for about 6 months and this post will probably be old news to you. My fault. My sister has been bugging me to visit Everything Yummy at Piazza Elisea in Talamban but I only got to bring myself over there a month ago.
Everything Yummy  Ltd.

It was such a tiny place (can only accommodate three rows of 4 people elbow to elbow) and it would be rude to stand behind the seated customers to somehow hint that they should hurry up coz we were hungry.

Everything Yummy  Ltd.
Everything Yummy  Ltd.Everything Yummy  Ltd. Click to enlarge
The Singaporean Pepper Prawn sounded absolutely tempting but we didn't have enough money. We settled instead for the rib quarter with rice and spanish chorizo meal.

Everything Yummy  Ltd.

Rib quarter with salsa rice

We requested for the rib quarter's rice to be changed to salsa rice (add Php 25) and boy, did it go well together.  The rib was tender and sweet. I am no cook but from what we could figure out, the salsa rice had tomato, tomato sauce, basil, and oregano. It was so good, we ordered another cup of salsa rice.
You may also request for your plain rice to be changed to garlic rice (add Php 15).

Everything Yummy  Ltd.

Spanish chorizo meal

I was a bit disappointed that my Spanish chorizo meal looked so small. But, hey, I did feel full after that spicy meal (and no, not because I ate my companion's quarter rib with salsa rice, I did not). If you are very hungry or are a growing boy, one Spanish chorizo meal would probably not be enough.
Why is the title Everything Yummy Ltd? Ltd = limited. Limited space (them). Limited budget (me).
And the final question: Was Everything Yummy? So far... since we have only tried 3 items on the menu. I will have to try the 5 other main courses before I could say indeed Everything Yummy.
Everything Yummy
Piazza Elesia, Talamban, Cebu City
0917 899 8669 / 032 406 5678
facebook page
Tuesdays to Sundays
1030AM to 2PM
530PM to 9PM
How this yummy meal took almost everything from Mustachio's pocket:
Rib Quarter with Salsa Rice Php 185 + Php 25 (add on for changing plain rice to salsa rice)
Spanish Chorizo Meal Php 95
Extra Salsa Rice Php 35

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