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Everything You Wanted to Know About Yami Gautam

By Saleem786
Everything you wanted to know about Yami GautamEverything you wanted to know about Yami Gautam
The first thing that strikes you about Yami Gautam is her name. & the actress is only happy to oblige with an explanation.
This name was given to me by my maternal grandfather. It means daughter of the sun, shes also sister to Yamraj, & is an apsara,  says they over a cuppa coffee.
Well, at the moment, this half Punjabi, half Pahari girl is feeling like a princess after being the toast of Bollywood. Yami chats with CS about her journey.
Privacy matters
I was one time studying to be an IAS Officer. Nobody expected me to become an actress because I was one time such an introvert as a kid. I keep in mind there was a poetry recitation competition in school & my sister asked me to recite in front of her.
So what I am doing now is opposite of what I am as a person, I am private. Individuals who know me are surprised that I have taken up acting, They tell me now that I am a born actress, I was one time pretending all this while! (laughs)
I refused because I was one time feeling so shy! On the day of the competition, I went on stage, forgot to wish the jury, blurted out the poem & ran away! I didn't win & I am not surprised!
They turned to me & said, "Yami you made me cry!" A few days back I came back from my hometown, Chandigarh & people there didt think that I am not a Bengali! I went to a beauty saloon & there was this bunch of girls there.
Bong connection
It is difficult to make my best mate cry. But I was one time watching my film together with her in the theater & suddenly, I saw her crying at an emotional scene.
They started asking me questions about Kolkata & I asked them from which angle do I look like a Bengali? (laughs) I don't need to sound pompous, but when people say that without shedding clothes or trying hard, I managed to persuade them, it is a compliment.
Success is relative
You must have heard this, but I think it is true when people say their only competition is with themselves. There is a lot work to do, where is the time to think about others?
When you start thinking who else is doing what, you lose focus away from yourself. Success is a state of mind. It is relative. I might think I have a long way to go, but for my friends I might be successful.

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