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Everything You Need To Know Why You Should Learn French

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Are you interested to learn French language? Oh, this wonderfully romantic language. If you are really given the chance to learn this language, don’t hesitate to learn it at all. Its pronunciation and accent in itself is very enticing, and in fair view to this language, this is one of the languages to which learners are interested to learn at all.

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So what could be some reasons why people are interested to learn this language? Well, based on facts and figures, there are some certain things that learners need to understand why it is not just appealing to learn this romantic language, but it is also compelling as well. Here are some of the facts and figures you need to know if you are interested to take this French interest to a language school opportunity.

• How many French speakers are there?
We all know how universal English language is. But as far as numbers are considered, French can also cope up with such numbers. Do you know that there are 128 million Francophones around the world? The terms by the way refers to the French speakers as a native or adopted language) fluently and use it on a regular basis. To add up the numbers, there are 100-110 million students of all ages who do not live in a francophone country, but have been learning French in order to communicate with those who are native speakers with the language.

• How many countries does French language is being spoken?
French language is actually being spoken in at least 33 countries around the globe, to which they consider the idiom as their official language; and 44 countries are counted to consider French as their second language. The countries counted to consider French their official language are the following:

• Belgium
• Burundi
• Cameroon
• Canada
• Chad
• Channel Islands
(Guernsey and Jersey)
• Comoros
• Djibouti
• Equatorial Guinea
• Haiti (the other official language is French Creole)
• Madagascar
• Rwanda
• Seychelles
• Switzerland
• Vanuatu

See how rampant French language is? The language is even practiced as it plays an important role as an administrative, commercial, or international language. That’s how compelling French is.

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