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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Top Surgery – Master Post

By Cnlester @cnlester

Last year I chaired an online panel Q&A about top surgery, with answers provided by a range of people with different histories, genders, experiences.

The formatting of that post was, I’m afraid, rather bulky and hard to navigate – so I’ve collated the information into a PDF which you can download below.

Top Surgery Answers

The questions we answered were:

1. Did you lose nipple sensation and if so how much?

2.  Does anyone know much about options for people who identify as genderqueer and therefore might struggle with referrals?

3. How, as a non-male person, does one get top surgery?

4. What if you have large breasts?

5. How do I know if I should get top surgery?

6. Do you have to have a catheter for top surgery?

7. How does the Scottish system work for top surgery?

8. Can you get your nipples removed?

9. Do I have to take all my piercings out?

10. If I got a therapist’s letter, would a U.S. surgeon accept it?

11. What’s the best solution for keeping erotic nipple sensation?

12. Is it possible to get ‘bespoke’ top surgery, without hormones?

13. Dr. Garramone needs a letter from…someone?

14. Hard nipples after surgery – solutions?

15. Clogged nipple pores after surgery – solutions?

16. Best treatment for keloid scarring?

17. My chest changes size with my hormonal cycle – will this make a difference?

18. Indents and scar positioning

19. How long does it take to regain full range of motion after DI top surgery?

Tips, hints and advice from the panel

Do please share with anyone/any groups who might find this helpful – and, if you’re about to embark on surgery, all the very best of good luck.

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