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Everything on This Blog is Probably Utter Disinformation

Posted on the 25 October 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
everything on this blog is probably utter disinformationyou all realise this, right?
It's just blobs of play-d'oh that I inadvertently pick up during e-grazing and extrude through my "there's no god, faeries, ghosts, spirit world, parallel worlds, afterlife, soul-sucking satan incubuses," shape maker. And it's probably utter disinformation.
Let me attempt an explanation of this rather pessimistic summary.
Much of what you're reading is going to be a reflection (or a refraction (a distortion at best (a total misrepresention at worst))) of the necessarily complex and insanely compartmentalised NEED TO KNOW game that's being played by Corporate Global Governments right now.
Right now.
For example: one two occassions today, on BBC and SkyNews (which I've always suspected were in total collusion as their style and content is IDENTICAL) on different occassions, representatives from Chatham House have sprung up like mushrooms that have grown overnight in damp conditions. First to talk about the LIBYAN EXPERIMENT, I shit thee not. And secondly to gloat about 'how we managed the Argentinian collapse' with minimal collateral damage. What on earth are those sorts of strategists really cooking up with this sort of intrusion into the so-called news of the day. Makes me wanna regurgitate Aaron McCollum's 'stargate' statement that 300 naval vessels from all nations are massing off the coast of Yemen.
Talk of ludicrous STARGATE makes it all look more like a game, doesn't it?
Despite the nugget of truth in every cover story, I actually have no idea if ANYTHING that's written on this blog is intentionally disinformation so let's assume for the safety of argument that it's ALL DISINFORMATION; due to lack of available corroborative evidence on grounds of National Security.
That's the safest option, n'est-ce pas?

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