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Everything is Within Walking Distance

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Crazy story.
A young man and woman got married last week (to each other) and found themselves walking 8 hours to get to Sheva Brachos on Shabbos.
According to Behadrei, and they say the crazy story has been corroborated multiple times from various, on Friday the young couple missed the hasaa arranged to take them from Ramot to Bnei Braq and were unsuccessful in finding a ride and in their attempts to hitchhike.
At 15:45, or 3:45 pm, they got a taxi from Ramot. The driver was an Arab driver an they got stopped at Macabbim junction on the 443. Due to the late hour, they abandoned the taxi and they left their stuff in a yishuv near Modiin and began to walk the rest of the way to Bnei Braq.
Obviously in Bnei Braq nobody knew what was going on and everyone was concerned for their welfare.
At 3am the chosson and kalla arrived at their parents home, to the relief of the parents and eventually everyone else when they found out later that morning.
One of the friends explained that the chosson is an eccentric "iluy" who enjoys going on long walks, so the story is not surprising.
A posek was asked (by Behadrei) about to do in a similar situation and said that they would have to stop at the first house in the city of Bnei Braq and stay there the entire shabbos, because of the issue of tchum shabbos. They would be allowed to send a message to their family, to allay their worries and concerns. The need to get to sheva brachos is not important enough to override the tchum shabbos issue and missing it does not affect anything.
Being that the chosson and kalla went all the way to the parents house, unless the parents lived in the first house in Bnei Braq, makes it seem unlikely they knew what they were doing and followed the rules properly.
I would point out that if this guy was really an iluy it seems unlikely he would not know what is one of the most basic rules of tchum shabbos, though perhaps he just had no idea how to apply it as it is so uncommon nowadays.
It also makes no sense that the family arranged transportation but then left without the chosson and kalla because they were running late.
the takeaway from this would be, for me:
1. we live in a really small country and everything is within walking distance, if you have the time
2. don't wait until the last minute to leave for Shabbos when you are going away, especially to another city!
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