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Everything God the Father Has is Ours

By Mba @mbartoloabela

God our Father cannot resist us and our prayer pleas to Him, when we show Him genuine love – true filial love – from the depths of our being. Yet how many of us are willing and ready to do this? How many of us who believe – or once upon a time believed – in God, deep down, do not believe anymore that our Father answers are prayers, our supplications, to Him?

Thus we strive to work even harder in depending on ourselves and earthly others, retreating even further from our Father. But such a mentality is incorrect, because it is the fruit of yet another of Satan’s deceptions, for in reality the more we abandon ourselves in our Father’s Heart, the more we grow in love both for Him and toward Him. This results in our Father naturally responding to our pleas, because He can never resist answering, with immense love, such abandonment on our part into His mighty hands.

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