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Every Tom, Dick and Harry Thinks He Can Set Public Policy

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Superbus in Bet Shemesh follows agreed upon (agreed between them and local rabbonim led by Rav Kupshitz) rules to avoid chilul shabbos. The last buses on Friday afternoon run at 4pm, leaving the drivers plenty of time to conclude their routes and return home before Shabbos. The first buses on Motzei Shabbos start their routes 1 hour and 45 minutes after sunset, providing drivers enough time to leave their homes after Shabbos and to get their buses and start their routes, all without encroaching on Shabbos. Superbus also claims to use non-Jewish drivers for all the first/last buses right before and right after Shabbos - just to be sure that a Jew won't get stuck out there on Shabbos due to unexpected traffic or accidents or whatever.
every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he can set public policySome local Bet Shemesh fellow is waging a campaign. This fellow believes that Superbus must adjust its timetables after Shabbos and base its first buses schedules on Rabbeinu Tam times rather than regular Shabbos times. This fellow believes that the current schedule does not provide enough time for the avoidance of chilul shabbos, but only basing the schedule on Rabbeinu Tam times can do that.
Superbus denies the claims of this fellow, explaining everything I wrote above about their schedule - the details of when they come and go, along with the use of non-Jewish drivers at those times, along with this all being agreed to by the rabbonim. The Superbus representative adds that this fellow is making a request that Superbus adhere to Rabbeinu Tam when most residents do not and as most passengers want to get back to their homes on Moyzei Shabbos as early as possible during the late summer Motzei Shabboses..
source: Kikar
If this fellow think she has stumbled upon a problem not realized by the rabbonim/askanim or others, and that Superbus is deceiving everyone involved - not an impossible claim - he should bring his information to the rabbonim and to Chmuel Greenberg - the city councilman in charge of public transportation, and any other relevant people and get the issue worked out. If he is just making it up because he thinks they should work according to Rabbeinu Tam times, it makes me wonder why any Tom, Dick, and Harry thinks he can set public policy based on his own desires without going through the relevant community leaders. I wonder what this says from a sociological perspective.
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