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Every Story Has 3 Sides: Writer Says Sonyae Elise Didn’t Even Write “98 Mase”

Posted on the 02 February 2017 by Sumithardia

Who Lyin? Songwriter Says Sofi Green Couldn’t Have Stolen Sonyae’s Song… BC She Didn’t Write It!
Well this is a hot mess… Yesterday we reported Sonyae and her fans were kicking up an ishtstorm over Sofi Green and “Love & Hip-Hop” using her song “95 Mase” without permission and renaming it “98 Mase.” Well like they say there are always three sides to every story and there is at least one other side that claims the song wasn’t Sonyae’s to begin with.

After our story hit the press, Sofi posted this video. WeLLLLL you know we had to do some investigating.
Here’s what we found out.
According to a source close to both sides of the situation who asked to remain anonymous, the Fame School production duo, Slim and Telli recorded this track, “95 Mase,” in 2015, produced by Slim, written by Telli. Sonyaé used to hang out and work with the guys in the studio a lot, so they asked her to sing the lyrics for the reference track. She recorded it, added some ad-libs and sprinkled 4-5 words, but the verses were allegedly written by Telli.
Fast forward to late summer/early fall 2016, podcast host Taxstone heard the “95 Mase” record and immediately let Sofi know that he had a “dope song for her”. He sent her “95 Mase” and immediately linked her with Fame School. Fame School did multiple studio sessions with Sofi and this track, which she changed the title to “98 Mase,” because in actuality, Mase got signed to Bad Boy in December 1997.
According to our source, Fame School signed off on the record, meaning they signed contracts for her to release it with VH1. Split sheets. Everything. With absolutely NO mention of Sonyaé at all.
Our source says that just last year, in early November Sofi’s team learned that Sonyaé was also a writer on the song. Sofi allegedly had VH1 create new paperwork and split sheets to send to Sonyaé and her attorney. According to her lawyer she gave permission to use the record and her signature can be found on the split sheet contracts. The insider tells BOSSIP that Viacom has the signed contracts from Sonyae’s attorney.
Now here’s where the situation gets sticky…
“We heard Sonyaé is trying to use this opportunity to get on Love & Hip Hop,” the insider told BOSSIP. “No one stole her song. How can someone steal something when your name is in the credits and you’re written in for a percentage?”
“She never planned on releasing this song because it was a reference track,” our source added. “Sonyaé stated Coach K was managing her and liked this song, but after Yachty blew up, Sonyaé hadn’t heard from Coach K from June – December of 2016. She only recently ran into him in Atlanta while in a session. If Sonyaé should be mad at anyone it should be the producers and/or her attorney. Sofi never did anything wrong.”

Hopefully this doesn’t get ugly because it definitely seems like Sofi is firing shots

Source: bossip.com

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