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Every Letter Counts

By Richardl @richardlittleda

Price, value and cost when life is precious

Yesterday morning I went to a local shop to get a price for a memorial plaque.  When the time comes, the plaque will sit alongside a beautiful image to commemorate a dear friend who ended his days in the Princess Alice Hospice. I was initially surprised that there was an engraving cost per letter, and even more surprised when my simple wording added up to 90 letters! Engraving, of course, is skilled work, and it should not have been a surprise at all.

Later the same day, I paid a visit with fellow Nightrider cyclists to Princess Alice Hospice to learn more about their work. With the extension of their care at home service, their wonderful work now costs £8 million pounds per year. Below is their vision statement:

Together we will inspire and deliver innovative palliative and end of life care to help patients, families and carers feel better, do more, and cope with death and dying.

It is 138 letters long, and therefore would cost a lot to engrave- but what of its value? In terms of the difference it makes to patients and their families it is immeasurable.

My target of £1500 is a small drop in that £8 million ocean, but I am so glad to be making it. Please help me out here.



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