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Even More Chopped Liver, Or Can the WUMB Calendar Listings Get Any Narrower?

Posted on the 12 June 2012 by Notlobmusic @notlobmusic
Has the WUMB "Community Calendar" been sent down the "memory hole?" It appears so.
As we have documented and shared the artist listing inequities over the the past four years, WUMB management has maintained two distinct events calendars, the "Music Calendar" for artists they support and give airplay and the "Community Calendar" for those they do not.
notloB Music: Alleluia, The Great Storm Is Over!Mar 04, 2009WUMB is unique in the radio world in that it keeps two seperate events calendars, one for artists who are playlisted Monday through Friday daytime ("WUMB Music Mix" (formerly "folk") calendar), all others being relegated to ...http://notlobmusic.blogspot.com/notloB Music: More Chopped Liver or Alleluia, The Great Storm Is ...Jan 23, 2012Since 2008 I have been asking for a) justification of the policy and b) replacement of its dual ("music" and "community") calendar system with just one. No response has been offered and the labor-intensive dual calendar ...http://notlobmusic.blogspot.com/notloB Music: Chopped LiverDec 29, 2008Note that this calendar does not contain listings for artists heard only during our Weekend shows, or on our nationally syndicated programs. You can find those and more listings here on our Community Calendar, which also ...http://notlobmusic.blogspot.com/
From WUMB's "About" page, 6/12/12
Music Calendar
  • All music calendar listings for weekdays programs must be for musicians performing within 30 miles of any of WUMB's broadcast transmitter sites (until further notice, this also includes the Amherst area) who you can hear on WUMB during our Monday through Friday, 6am-7pm music shows. The listings can only be approved through the WUMB staff person(s) designated to approve calendar submissions. Weekday announcers or other WUMB staff are not allowed to add or make changes to the music calendar listings. Submit you calendar listings here. The link to submit your listing is on the bottom left column of the page. All weekday calendar announcements must be submitted at least one week in advance of the performance date.
  • Each weekend announcer coordinates his/her own music calendar listings if one is scheduled. The following weekend shows run weekly music calendars: Celtic Twilight, Traditional Folk, Downeast Ceilidh, Folk Odyssey.
  • All weekend music calendar announcements must be in writing, and sent to the attention of the appropriate weekend announcer two weeks in advance of the performance date. Please fax your listing to: (617) 287-6916 or mail to WUMB Radio, UMass Boston, 100 Morrissey Blvd, Boston, MA 02125.
  • The event must be located within 30 miles of any of WUMB's broadcast transmitter sites (until further notice, this also includes the Amherst area)
  • Listings must be by artists that are currently being programmed on the designated WUMB show that the calendar announcement will air.
  • A Web-only Community Calendar is available here for listings that do not meet the criteria of the weekday On-Air Calendar or for other events located within 30 miles of any WUMB broadcast transmitter sites.
  • An exception to our Calendar policies is if the Local Program Manager deems that the listing might of interest to a significant portion of the targeted audience. The decision of the Local Program Manager is final.

But clicking on  available here  yields
404: Page not found
This error is generated when there was no web page with the name you specified at the web site.
Troubleshooting suggestions:
Ensure the page you are linking to exists in the correct folder.
Check your file name for case sensitivity . Index.htm is not the same as index.htm!
Temporarily disable any rewrite rules by renaming your .htaccess file if it exists.
This terminated URL corresponds with another website change, the drop-down menu under "calendar and events" had contained links out to the two calendars, "Music" and "Community". That has been consolidated into just one new link, "concert and event calendar", which leads to the unchanged URL http://wumb.org/calendar/musiccalendar.php
Could it be that WUMB management is finally paying attention to the community? Probably not. It is more likely WUMB management is striving for even tighter control of what "their" public is able to read on the taxpayer funded website, to eliminate having to list local concerts by their favorite airplayed pop artists when the artists are sponsored by a competing station such as 92.5 "The River" (WXRV Haverhill).
One of their most favorite artists, who is given very heavy airplay, is Will Dailey. Dailey is performing tonight at the Brighton Music Hall.
Brighton Music Hall Logo
  • Venue Info
158 Brighton Avenue, Allston, MA • 617-779-0140 • Paradise Rock Club


Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller CD Release/ Will Dailey

92.5 The River Presents
with Friendly People, Nemes
Tuesday, June 12
Doors at 7 PM; Show at 8 PM; 18+ Show
Advance Box Office Price $12

Here is the WUMB "Concert and Event Calendar" for today:
Below, are listings for musicians, arts and cultural events in the greater Boston area, A link to each venue is included to confirm show times, for additional artists, or for more information.You can also find out more about many of the coffeeshouses in the greater Boston area through the Boston Area Coffeehouse Association.To submit your listings, use the "Calendar Submissions" link under the Calendar + Events menu above.Listings for Tue Jun 12, 2012 - Tue Jun 26, 2012TUESDAY JUNE 12, 2012The Pines with Brendan HoganThe Red Room @ Cafe 939Boston, MA8:00 pm 
(617) 747-60

Venue Web SiteNary a mention of Dailey.A side note to WXRV management, you may wish to add your sponsored event to your own calendar, the only concert listed is Keane. Oops.

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