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Even Liberals Attack ObamaCare

Posted on the 10 October 2013 by Hughvw
The ObamaCare trainwreck that was predicted from the beginning by Laughing Conservative and many others, has now become reality, and the MSM are beginning to notice.  CBS got into the Obamacare criticism during their This Morning program. Jan Crawford said on the air that the launch of Obamacare was "nothing short of disastrous."
"As reported by Mediaite.comCNN’s Wolf Blitzer said at the end of a Situation Room segment on Wednesday afternoon that the Obama administration should consider a one-year delay on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate in order to get the health care exchange websites functioning properly. 
“A week into it, still a lot of glitches,” CNN correspondent Brian Todd reported to Blitzer. “People not able to create accounts, just to get information to possibly enroll, much less not being able to enroll in the plan.”  [ECS]

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