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Posted on the 12 August 2013 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth
Example 1
The former Scottish Liberal Democrat leader has been long-term support of wind power, telling a party conference in 2008 that British Gas profits were an “abomination” and “the companies that should be making big profits are Scotland’s renewable energy companies.”
Wind farm 'empire' questions for Lib Dem peer
"A Liberal Democrat peer was today facing questions over his support for wind farms in the House of Lords after it was reported he is a director of 10 renewable energy companies".
Example 2
Mr Bercow wrote that more than eight out of 10 MPs were not submitting claims because the system was too complex and it was not clear if the claim would be successful.
He told Sir Ian that MPs would welcome “your further consideration of ways in which the [expenses] scheme might be made easier both to administer and to comply with”. “You have recently indicated your willingness to consider the case for dealing with overnight costs and subsistence through an allowances system,” he said. 

MPs could be allowed to submit receipt-free expenses claims

"MPs could be allowed to submit expenses claims which are not backed up by receipts to make the system more streamlined".

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