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Essential Reasons You Should Vacuum Each Week

By Ty Watson

Ideally, a home should be clean, fresh, and bright. Your home is a place where you get to be comfortable and relaxed. It is the place where you rest so you can just be yourself. Unfortunately, you can't be comfortable when you are in the presence of so many dust particles and bacteria. You will be sneezing a whole lot and have allergies. Now that is certainly not your comfortable self. To make your home spic and span and to make it feel truly like a castle, no matter its size, you have to do some regular vacuuming.

Doing some vacuuming as a daily habit to protect the cleanliness of your home has so many benefits for your well-being and mental health. Imagine living in a clean-smelling fresh space. Don't you just want to put your feet up and lie on the couch and simply have a nice day enjoying your home?

The following are just some of the reasons you should vacuum each week:

1. Vacuum even if your carpet is new

You may think that new carpets give you an excuse form vacuuming, but that is certainly not the case. It is still crucial that you vacuum your carpets weekly since new carpets are mostly a source of VOC, which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These VOCs affect the air in your home and can be inhaled. When you are exposed to them for the long term, they can cause headaches for the short term, and long-term effects can be as severe as cancer.

2. Get rid of all kinds of bugs and mites

You should be thorough in vacuuming because annoying bugs and mites love dusty places. These are areas where they are rarely disturbed. You should look at their hiding laves and out of the way spots such places under the furniture, the corner of a room, and underneath heavy bookcases. You shouldn't let these bugs and mites have a permanent residence in your home since they can affect the health of your family and especially your pets. You can visit to learn more about one of the best vacuums when it comes to cleaning and suction power.

3. If you have pets, you have pet hair all over the house

Pets bring so much joy to one's life, so people would naturally love their pets and all their idiosyncrasies. Loving them also means loving the mess they make, and that includes pet hair. Because pets and furry friends shed their hair will be all over your home and on your furniture. In this case, you may have to vacuum once a week or even more often, depending on the amount of fur that is already forming on top of your carpets and furniture.

4. Vacuum to prevent allergies

It is not only the changes in weather and temperature that causes people to get sick. A dirty, unkempt home that is dusty causes tiny particles to be inhaled, causing sneezing and cough. Don't let the dust settle too much on your home and get rid of them by vacuuming at least once a week. Allergens such as dust mites and dirt can cause irritation and even sickness and disease. If you have a particularly old vacuum that you think is not helping you clean your house efficiently anymore, you can always have it traded in to get a newer one.

5. Get rid of bacteria, fungus and mold growth

Bacteria can cause diseases and sickness. Mold, especially, is toxic and harmful to health. Mold causes severe irritation to the lungs and can cause irritation, sneezing, and coughing. In extremeness, mold can even cause organ failure, especially of the liver, and cause certain types of cancers. Don't let molds and bacteria reign in your home and prevent their growth. A good thing is vacuuming helps you get rid of them and can keep your home free form these harmful and toxic organisms.

6. You will be prouder of your home

Nothing is more pride worthy than a home that is clean and fresh smelling. If you enjoy inviting guests over to your home, you may have to vacuum frequently to keep your home looking presentable and good enough for entertaining. You should also especially vacuum after your guests leave because their footfall brings in a lot of dust, especially in your living areas and walkways and front door.

7. If you are a smoker, you should vacuum more frequently

Smoking affects not just the people who smoke and those around them but also the furniture and rugs where they frequently smoke. If you are a smoker, you have to vacuum more because carcinogens from smoke get trapped in the fibers of furniture and rugs, which can be especially harmful to kids and pets.

8. Prolong your carpet's life

Your carpets need to be cleaned regularly because dust erodes the material of your carpets. Contrary to the belief that vacuuming will hurt your carpets, the opposite is true. Vacuuming is beneficial to your carpets, and it will prolong their beauty and usefulness.

Final Thoughts:

Vacuuming keeps your home hygienic and fresh. Make time to vacuum your home properly since the first beneficiary will be yourself and your family. Vacuuming also helps you preserve the beauty of your furniture and carpets so you won't have to spend for often for replacements.

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