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"ESPN's 30 for 30" The Best That Never Was

Posted on the 16 April 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
In 1964, the small town of Philadelphia, Mississippi was a hotbed of racial strife as it was the location where the three civil rights workers from up north were murdered by the KKK with the cooperation of the local authorities. At that same, a child was born who would grow to be one of the most talented high school football players ever seen, who would bring the spotlight back to Philadelphia and help to repair its disreputable image. The Best That Never Was is the story of Marcus Dupree, one of the most touted high school footballers who ever played, who was recruited by hundreds of schools, often unethically, and never succeeded after making poor personal decisions in college. The Best That Never Was offers a nice southern flavor in the telling of a story of a man whom it is hard to feel sorry for. Dupree never came off as cocky or arrogant. In fact it seems that his laid back attitude, laziness, contempt for authority, and inability to deal with the hype surrounding his talent all contributed to him clashing with Oklahoma head coach Barry Switzer, and leaving the school early. It seems that it probably also led to Dupree's tearing his knee at Southern Mississippi due to the fact he was not keeping himself in shape. The movie does feel overlong and repetitive as well as countless coaches, reporters, teammates, and friends speak to his superior talents while highlight clip after clip is played. Although Marcus Dupree only has himself to blame for his shortcomings, this film presents a true tragedy, one where a person is given everything and squanders it all away.

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