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"ESPN's 30 for 30" Into the Wind

Posted on the 12 March 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
Into the Wind is the inspirational story of Terry Fox, a young man whose leg was amputated due to bone cancer. In order to raise awareness of the disease, he strove to run across Canada at a pace of about 26 miles daily. A marathon a day. Fox's journey inspired the nation and raised millions for charity, but it also came at a personal toll to his health and general well-being before he had to cut his trek short. After running over 3,000 miles, cancerous tumors had ravaged his body and Fox tragically fell victim the the disease. Directed by basketball star and fellow Canuck Steve Nash, Into the Wind is a beautiful retelling of a truly moving story, and moving is a word I do not use lightly. This is material that could have easily been turned into Olympic style sentimentalized mush, but instead through much stock footage of his run and heartfelt interviews with family, friends, and fans, this is a wonderful telling of an incredible journey.

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