Business Magazine Domain Investment Index for Q2 2022

Posted on the 27 September 2022 by Worldwide @thedomains released their Domain Investment Index for Q2 2022. The total transaction value for all domains combined has dropped in Q2 2022 to $125M, from $130M in Q1 2022.

Executive Summary has continued to facilitate more than $100 million in domain name transactions for the sixth consecutive quarter, as we continue to prove to be the world’s most trusted and preferred online licensed escrow payment service for buying or selling premium domain names.

In Q2 2022, five-character, six-character, and five-letter domain names were the categories where we’ve seen most growth. The median price for five-character domain names went up to $7,000 in Q2 2022 from $6,250 in Q1 2022.

The median price for six-character domain names saw the biggest increase from $774.45 in Q1 2022 to $6,900 in Q2 2022. Lastly, the median price for five-letter domain names increased to $7,250 in Q2 2022 from $5,480 in Q1 2022.

We continue to have a strong volume of domain name transactions in Q2 2022 as we closed the quarter with $125 million in transactions.

You can read the whole report here

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