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ERF - Enerplus Corporation

Posted on the 13 October 2011 by Divstkforcomman @DivStkForComMan
Here is a great high dividend yielder and a low debt blue chip stock. Introducing, Enerplus Corporation (Enerplus), formerly Enerplus Resources Fund, stock ticker ERF. ERF is an energy investment trust. Their primary focus is to maintain and enhance cash distributions to its unit holders through the development of its operating subsidiaries' existing in crude oil and natural gas properties. ERF has oil and natural gas property interests in western Canada in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba, and in the United States in the states of Montana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wyoming, North Dakota, Maryland, and Utah.
Enerplus' properties have related field production facilities and infrastructure to accommodate Enerplus' production. In 2010 production volumes from Enerplus' properties consisted of  fourty two percent crude oil and natural gas liquids and fifty eight percent natural gas. They had an average daily production of 31,135 barrels per day of crude oil and 288.7 million cubic feet per day of natural gas.
I believe during this upcoming quarter and in 2012 inflation will help the price of oil and this will be good for Enerplus! ERF is a great oil and gas play while waiting for both to double during the next few years. ERF looks to have great upside compared to other great companies within its sector. ERF has a lower payout ratio and a higher yield.
Click here to visit ERF's company website, as well as here to visit their investor relations page. They make a great case to invest in their company and I'm hooked! Don't sit there on the sidelines. ERF is currently paying a MONTHLY dividend of $0.18 per share, current dividend yield of 7.82%! You can't beat this cash cow with plenty of money to give back. Watch the video below and click your BUY button within your brokerage account. I've been reaping the benefits of ERF for years now. I do not get paid for my stock recommendations. My main concern is looking for the "Common Man" and helping you achieve the retirement of your dreams! Have a great day today. Until next time, happy investing!
Interview with CEO Gordon Kerr
Video discussing ERF's conversion to a corporation

Ringing the bell at the NYSE - Smiling ear to ear!

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