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Erdogan Plays Trump/Pence/Pompeo For The Fools They Are

Posted on the 18 October 2019 by Jobsanger
Erdogan Plays Trump/Pence/Pompeo For The Fools They Are
The letter above is the one that Donald Trump sent to President Erdogan of Turkey. Trump allowed Turkey to invade Syria to destroy the Kurds. But after substantial blowback from the American public (and legislators in Trump's own party), Trump tried to save face with that letter. He thought the letter made him look like a strong leader, and even passed out copies of it to legislators and the press. Personally, I think the letter just makes Trump look weak and stupid.
Trump then sent Pence and Pompeo to Turkey to "negotiate" a ceasefire. The results of that negotiation just confirmed that Trump is indeed weak and stupid (and so are Pence and Pompeo). All three of those U.S. politicians are bragging about the wonderful ceasefire they accomplished. But the truth is they accomplished nothing but to give Turkey everything it wanted.
Turkey gets to keep the 22 mile "safe zone" inside Syria. They also get to populate that safe zone with their Arab militia. The Kurds must get out of that safe zone (which is their homeland). No new sanctions will be levied against Turkey, and as Turkish troops leave the safe zone (which will be then patrolled by the Turkish-supported militia) the sanctions already levied will be removed.
As I said, Turkey got everything it wanted. The Kurds got nothing. Syria got nothing. And the United States got nothing, except to get played by another dictator. Trump will continue to brag about his great accomplishment. Lying is how he handles everything. But the world will know -- the U.S. leader is weak and stupid.

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