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E.p.t Pregnancy Tests Helping You to Plan

By Bewilderedbug @bewilderedbug

I get confused about pregnancy, really I do.

No, you didn’t miss anything, I’m not pregnant…and if you think I could be you need to read a bit more of my blog

(Remember hubs is in the UK and I’m not).

I just find it interesting how some of my friends seem to sometimes have this all planned out.  When I go to a social function I hear things like “yes, we’re planning on having our second one soon, so we’ll start trying in August.”  or, “the little one is two so we decided it’s time to start trying”.

To me it’s so organized, so planned.  I am not organized in that manner at all!  In fact, I can barely believe that I’m old enough to have children at times.

I mean, that’s the natural, expected progression of your life, right?   You grow up, meet the man of your dreams, get married, have lots of kiddies and live happily ever after.  Okay I can see you’re rolling on the ground laughing.  I would be too, except that I actually know people who have lived this dream – or at least, outwardly seem to.

Hubs and I have discussed the baby issue, but neither of us wants to actually give a positively firm answer – maybe we’re both fickle, maybe we’re both cowardly, but we figure, if God wants us to conceive, then we’ll conceive.  And no, that does not help with the once in a while baby lust that occurs.  In fact, maybe the baby lust is due to me not actually saying a definite yes or no.

Anyway, if you are less confused and more organized than we are, kudos to you.  I also have a perfect product for you.

e.p.t Pregnancy Tests helping you to plan

Have you heard of e.p.t Pregnancy Tests?  No?   You must have and just haven’t really paid attention.  Well, I recently had the opportunity to look into these tests and I believe that if you’re trying to conceive, they’re a “must-have” tool.

e.p.t Pregnancy Tests helping you to plan

3-pack Digital e.p.t pregnancy test

I know, I know, you’re saying there are a million pregnancy tests out there, why on earth would you choose this one?  Well, e.p.t is geared towards helping people to get pregnant, whereas other pregnancy tests really are out there for the “OMG I’m pregnant” moment.

e.p.t is able to predict pregnancy up to 5 days before your expected period, so yes, there is a bit of a “am I pregnant?” wait still, but this takes at a whole working week off of your waiting time, which, to me, is a bit nicer.  The less time I scare mothers into running away from me because I’m staring at their pregnant bellies and/or children, the better.

e.p.t is also the most trusted home pregnancy tested brand on the market and is the most accurate at 99% accuracy from the day of the expected period.  It uses the same science as the pregnancy test you’ll be taking at your doctor’s office and is available in both analog and digital models to suit your tastes.  Both versions provide easy-to-read results and both provide these results in only two minutes.

Also, there are no awkward chemistry-set-like cups etc. to deal with.  All you do is take off the cap, pee, put the cap back on and wait for two minutes, and then there you have it tah dah – results…or not…And, if you’ve somehow managed to mess up, or if you want to see the little “yay you are pregnant” signs over and over, e.p.t pregnancy tests come with more than one in a box (2 or 3 depending on which you purchase)

e.p.t Pregnancy Tests helping you to plan

homescreen of the e.p.t iPhone app

e.p.t tests are reliable, accurate and readily available in most drug stores and even online.

Also, e.p.t  and Insight Pharmaceuticals have also launched a new iPhone app on which you can track your ovulation cycle to improve your chances of getting pregnant.  I’ve downloaded it and played with it a bit and love that it highlights not only your ovulation, but your period as well in an easy to read highlighted calendar format.  It even allows you to enter a specific birth date and advises you on when you would have to conceive to achieve that birth date!

I also loved flipping through the e.p.t scientifically-based conception tips that come free, along with the app and the fact that you can choose several birth dates and save your calculations on the actual app.

e.p.t is definitely the way to go, and if my husband and I ever get organized enough to plan a conception, I would definitely look for their products.

Also, e.p.t is offering one of you lucky ladies (or lovely lads who are interested) two free samples of e.p.t tests to try out – one is the analog version and one is the digital version.  All you have to do is complete the rafflecopter form below and do the mandatory tasks for your chance to win! (This contest is open to North America only excluding Québec)

Best of luck!

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